Trueshot Bag Target - Front
Trueshot Bag Target - Back
Bag targets are a great alternative to traditional straw and foam targets.

They offer good performance, good value and a long life.

They are ideal for all arrow types with flush fitting points. Do not use broadheads! You will not be able to pull your arrow out without ripping the bag!

The ‘TRUESHOT’ Comes in 2 Versions. LIGHT and HEAVY.
They are the same size with the same printed design on both sides. The difference is the filling.

The LIGHT version weighs in at approx. 6.5KG. This is ideal for low poundage bows, or bows shooting wide diameter arrows. Great for starter kits, traditional bows, and even some compounds.

There are limits, though. It won’t handle crossbows, and if you shoot high-performance bows with small diameter carbon arrows you should be looking at the ‘SURESHOT’ or the ‘TRUESHOT – HEAVY’ target for extra stopping power.

The HEAVY version weighs in at approx. 22KG. It is a high-density bag target designed to stop arrows from high-performance bows, including high energy compounds and crossbows.

This is no lightweight. The high-density construction offers tremendous stopping power. And the best bit? Super easy arrow removal! Arrows just slide out.

Don’t just assume that you have to use a high powered bow to make these targets work. These are fantastic ‘all-round’ target. It works just as well with a 25 lb recurve as it does with a 60 lb compound.

It is also worth noting for all our bag targets that blunted fibreglass arrows shot from very lightweight children’s bows may bounce out of the target. (They bounce out of almost everything!). Ask your archery retailer for advice if you are unsure.

Trueshot Approx. Dimensions: 70cm x 65cm x 30cm.